Pulse Oximeters

Emco Oxi Sat 2060Z with Perfusion Index


  • Manufactured using Oximeter technology from Zug Medical, France
  • Displays Perfusion Index and Plethysmograph waveform
  • Bright LED displays indicate SpO2 and Pulse Rate measurements
  • User selectable High & Low Alarm limits for SpO2 and Pulse
  • User selectable alarm & pulse beep volume
  • Ten segment bargraph indicates pulse strength
  • Alarm indicates sensor disconnected either from patient or from oximeter.
  • Pulse beep for every detected pulse with the tone varying according to SpO2 value
  • Adult & Neonate modes
  • 3 colour Perfusion LED: Green (good perfusion), Orange (marginal perfusion) & Red (inadequate perfusion)
  • Battery back-up of 6 hours
  • Audible & Visual Low battery indication when 15 minutes remaining
  • Reusable Adult & Neonate sensors available with 1 meter sensor plus 2 meter extension cable (10 feet)
  • Portable & light weight
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