Doppler Vascular & Fetal

Emco Fetal Doppler D520


  • A dedicated equipment designed for monitoring Pregnancies using the principle of doppler ultrasound
  • A complete self-contained system for fetal monitoring with permanently fixed 2 MHz transducer
  • Fetal heartbeats can be monitored from the 10th week of pregnancy
  • Detection of multiple pregnancies
  • Localisation of placenta
  • Identification of blood flow through umbilical cord
  • Frequent monitoring throughout pregnancy provides constant reassurance to mother
  • Output can be presented in two different ways: Built-in speaker & Headset/Stethoscope attachment
  • Hand held Battery powered audio unit (fits into palm)
  • Auto power shut-off for maximum battery life
  • Battery low indicator
  • Can be connected to mains through AC Adaptor
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