Pulse Oximeters

Emco Oxi Sat 610 Handheld


  • Manufactured using patented PureSat ® Oximeter technology from Nonin Medical Inc., USA
  • Provides fast & reliable SpO2 and Pulse rate measurements on any patient, from neonates to adults
  • Bright, easy-to read LED displays indicate SpO2 and Pulse rate measurements
  • User selectable High/Low Alarm limits for all parameters
  • 8 segment bargraph indicates pulse strength
  • Sensor Alarm indicates that the sensor has been disconnected either from patient or from oximeter
  • Pulse Beep is sounded for every detected pulse, with the tone varying according to SpO2 value
  • 3 Colour Perfusion LED – Green (good perfusion), Orange (marginal perfusion) & Red (inadequate perfusion)
  • Trends available for 11 patients - upto 24 hours for each patient
  • Built-in Rechargeable Battery with a battery back-up of more than 10 hours
  • Audible & Visual Low battery indication when 15 minutes remaining
  • Ideally suited for Spot Checking, during emergency air or land transport, Operation Theatres, ICU, Outpatient clinics or Emergency rooms
  • Wide range of sensors available with most of the sensor having 3 meter cable lengths
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